can i book my driver’s license online in south africa


can i book my driver’s license online in south africa

In South Africa, it is not possible to book your driver’s license online. The process of obtaining a driver’s license involves several steps, including a written test, a practical driving test, and a medical examination. These tests and examinations must be conducted in person at the designated testing centers. However, you can visit the official website of the South African Department of Transport to find information about the required documents, fees, and testing centers near you. It is important to follow the proper procedures and guidelines to ensure a smooth and successful application process.

can i book my driver’s license online in south africa

A new online driving licence system has been launched in South Africa, allowing motorists to book online slots, pay application fees, and choose where their cards will be delivered. However, there is still one crucial step that requires a visit to a driving licence testing centre. While currently only available in Gauteng and some parts of the Eastern Cape, the online system will be rolled out nationally as all provinces have agreed to it. The new system aims to improve service delivery and eliminate corruption. However, there are concerns about the additional costs and reliance on IT infrastructure. Additionally, there is a backlog of 2 million driving licence cards that still need to be cleared. Despite these challenges, the development of online traffic services is seen as a necessary step for improving efficiency and reducing frustration among motorists.

How many driving lessons do I need South Africa?

How many driving lessons do I need South Africa?
The duration of learning to drive varies depending on individual factors such as confidence, ability, willingness to learn, and aptitude for driving. Typically, it can take around 10 to 20 hours of driving lessons to become proficient. However, this number can be reduced if the learner has access to a car for additional practice outside of lessons.

Choosing the right driving instructor is crucial for effective learning. It is important to find an instructor whose teaching style aligns well with your learning style. When the instructor understands your needs, you are likely to learn better and potentially progress faster.

To determine the appropriate number of lessons, it is recommended to undergo a driving assessment lesson with an instructor. This allows them to evaluate your driving skills and provide a personalized recommendation on the number of hours you may need to become a competent driver.

How to pass eye test for driver’s license in South Africa?

To legally drive on South African roads, it is essential to meet the minimum eyesight standard set by the Snellen rating. This standard requires a minimum visual acuity of 6/12 in each eye, with a visual field of at least 120 degrees. If an individual’s vision cannot be corrected to meet this standard, they will not be eligible to obtain a driver’s license.

Apart from meeting the uncorrected vision requirement, applicants must also pass a colour vision test. This test is crucial to ensure that drivers can accurately perceive and differentiate the various colors of traffic lights and signs, which play a vital role in maintaining road safety. By assessing an applicant’s ability to perceive colors, the licensing authorities aim to minimize the risk of accidents caused by color-related visual impairments.

It is important to note that these vision requirements are in place to safeguard the well-being of all road users. By ensuring that drivers have adequate eyesight, South Africa aims to reduce the likelihood of accidents and promote safer roads for everyone.

What happens if you don’t renew your driver’s license South Africa?

Many South Africans are unaware that when your driver’s license card expires, it does not mean your license has expired too. There is currently no law that compels motorists to renew their license cards. Whether your license card expired five years ago or five days ago, you’ll still pay the same price with no penalties. However, if you are caught without a driver’s license card on your person, officials may give you a fine. The only time you would need to apply for a driver’s license again or renew your actual driver’s license is when you have been involved in a criminal or behavioral incident that would cause your license to be suspended or canceled. It is important to note that insurance companies may require you to hold a valid driver’s license card, but there is no legal provision that compels you to do so. Therefore, there are no criminal charges or penalty fees for producing an expired driver’s license card. The Department of Transport continues to mislead motorists with the notion of a gracious extension given by the Minister, even though motorists are not legally compelled to renew their license cards. It is recommended to stay home and stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and check your insurance policies for any potential incidents.

How long is a South African drivers license valid for?

How long is a South African drivers license valid for?
Your credit card driving licence must be renewed before the expiry date, which is valid for 5 years. It is important to check your licence and not rely on the renewal notification.

Renewal can be done at any time before the expiry date, and the new licence will be valid for another 5 years from the renewal date.

To renew your licence, visit your nearest Driving Licence Testing Centre and complete the DL1 application form. You will need to bring your current driving licence card, ID, 2 black and white or colour ID photographs (if renewing before expiry), or two photographs (if renewing after expiry), and a proof of address not older than 3 months.

Before renewal, your fingerprints will be taken and an eye test will be conducted. If your vision has worsened since your licence was issued, there may be new restrictions, such as requiring glasses while driving. Failing the eye test will result in non-renewal of your licence.

There is no need to retake the driving test for renewal.

If you are overseas when your licence expires, you can only renew it upon returning to the country. Currently, there are no penalties for late renewal.

If your licence has already expired, you will be issued a temporary driving licence while waiting for the credit card licence. In this case, you will need additional photographs.

Please contact your nearest Driving Licence Testing Centre to confirm the renewal and temporary licence fees before visiting.

How do I get an ID in South Africa if I am a foreigner?

One of the benefits of becoming a permanent resident in South Africa is the ability to obtain a South African ID book. This ID book provides residents with more freedom and makes tasks such as opening bank accounts, getting loans, buying cars, and starting businesses much easier.

To apply for a South African ID book, permanent residents who are 16 years or older can visit any Department of Home Affairs office or South African mission/consulate overseas. The following documents are required for the application:

– Original passport and a copy
– Permanent residency certificate and a copy (certified by Home Affairs)
– Marriage certificate and a copy (if married, certified by Home Affairs)
– Handwritten marriage register copy (DHA 30) if married in South Africa
– Two passport photos
– Form BI1620 (received and completed at the Home Affairs office)

If your permanent residence permit is not available, you will need to apply for proof of permanent residency through VFS Global. Non-English documents must have original sworn translations.

The average processing time for the South African ID book is around six months. However, due to a backlog at the Department of Home Affairs, delays are expected. If waiting for your ID book is causing difficulties in your life, June Luna Immigration Attorneys can help expedite the process by liaising with Home Affairs and potentially taking legal action.

With nearly a decade of experience in South African immigration services, June Luna Immigration Attorneys can provide assistance and information on applying for a South African ID book or citizenship. Contact us for more details.

How do I book my drivers Licence in South Africa?

How do I book my drivers Licence in South Africa?
To book a test date and confirm your booking at the nearest driving licensing testing centre (DLTC), you will need to bring the following items:

1. An identity document (ID).
2. Two identical black-and-white ID photographs. Before getting the photographs taken, make sure to confirm with the DLTC how many photos they require.
3. A booking fee.
4. Proof of postal and residential address, such as a utility account. If the utility bill is not in your name, the owner of the bill must make an affidavit declaring that you live at the address, and the utility bill must be attached to the affidavit.
5. If you reside in an informal settlement, you must bring a letter from the ward councillor with an official date stamp confirming your postal and residential address.

For Gauteng residents, it is recommended to apply online for your learners licence at

At the DLTC, you will need to complete the Application for learners licence form (LL1), which is available at the centre. If you are 65 years or older, you must also complete a Medical certificate form (MC), which can also be obtained at the DLTC.

You will undergo an eye test at the testing centre, or you can have an eye test performed by a qualified optometrist and submit the form at the centre.

Before taking the learners licence test, it is important to study road signs, motor vehicle controls, and road rules to have a basic knowledge of operating a motor vehicle and understanding road signs.

On the day of the test, make sure to bring the following items:

1. The booking receipt.
2. Your ID.

If you pass the test, you will be required to pay the issue fee.

How long does it take to learn how do you drive?

There is no set number of driving lessons required before taking the driving test, but it is advisable to ensure you are fully prepared before attempting it. Driving tests can be costly, with a fee of £62, so it is important to be confident in your abilities before booking the test. Instructors typically recommend booking the test once they are confident in your skills.

According to data from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), the average person requires around 45 hours of driving lessons. If you take one or two lessons per week, it should take you between six months and a year to complete your lessons.

Government data supports this, revealing that 67.7% of learner drivers obtain their full license within a year of receiving their provisional license. Only 18.5% manage to achieve this within six months.

However, it is important to note that everyone is different. Older drivers tend to pass their tests more quickly, while those under 34 may take a bit longer.

Some individuals find it easier and quicker to learn to drive on an automatic vehicle rather than a manual transmission. However, it is important to consider that if you pass your practical driving test in an automatic vehicle, your license will only permit you to drive automatic cars.

Can a foreigner get a South African drivers license?

Can a foreigner get a South African drivers license?
Converting your foreign driving licence in South Africa is a requirement for individuals who have been granted permanent residence. It is important to complete this process within one year of receiving your permanent residence permit to avoid any complications.

Failure to convert your licence within the specified time frame will result in it being considered invalid. However, if you hold a diplomatic permit without a permanent residence permit, you can still apply to convert your driving licence to a South African one.

If your foreign driving licence is not in one of the official languages of South Africa, you will need to obtain a letter of translation from a competent authority. This letter will ensure that your licence is properly understood and recognized by the South African authorities.

To successfully convert your foreign driving licence, it must meet certain criteria. Firstly, it must be valid and not expired. Additionally, it should be translated into one of the official languages of South Africa. If your licence is not in an official language, you will need to obtain a letter of validity from the relevant embassy, along with a translation.

Lastly, your foreign driving licence should contain your photo and signature. These elements are necessary for identification purposes and to ensure the authenticity of the licence.

By following these guidelines and completing the necessary steps, you can successfully convert your foreign driving licence to a South African one. This will enable you to legally drive in South Africa and ensure compliance with the country’s driving regulations.

Will insurance pay if car license expires South Africa?

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) is warning motorists to renew their expired driving licence cards or face fines and potential insurance claim rejections. The RTMC stated that an expired driving licence card could result in insurance companies refusing to pay out accident claims due to invalid documents. However, one insurance company disputes this claim, stating that an expired driving licence card does not affect insurance coverage. The company explains that while the driving licence card may expire, the driving licence itself does not, and there are no penalties for renewing it even years after its expiration date. However, it is still a legal requirement to have a valid driving licence card when driving. Insurance companies operate based on the principle of causal link, meaning that claim rejections must be directly linked to the cause of the accident. For example, if a vehicle’s tyres are worn and someone crashes into it while stationary, the insurer cannot reject the claim as there is no causal link between the worn tyres and the accident. Similarly, if a vehicle’s licence disc has expired and an accident occurs or the vehicle is stolen, insurers will still have to pay out those claims as the licence is not material to the incident. It is important for motorists to renew their driving licence cards as soon as possible, but an expired card will not affect insurance coverage as long as the vehicle is roadworthy and there are no additional factors contributing to a crash. It is advisable to review the fine print of your insurance policy to understand any clauses that may exempt the insurance company from paying out claims due to other factors.

How much does it cost to book your drivers license in SA?

1. Requirements for Obtaining a Driver’s Licence
To obtain a driver’s licence, you will need the following:
– A valid learner’s licence
– An identity document (green barcoded ID book or Smart ID Card)
– Four identical black and white photographs (45mm x 35mm) of yourself
– Proof of address (not older than 3 months)
– A completed DL1 form
– The required fee

It is advisable to confirm the latest requirements with your local Driving Licence Testing Centre (DLTC).

2. Minimum Age for Applying for a Driver’s Licence
The minimum age to apply for a driver’s licence is 18 years old.

3. Cost of a Driver’s Licence
The booking fee for a driver’s licence ranges from R220 to R300, depending on the DLTC. After passing the test, the fee for issuing the driver’s licence card is approximately R250, depending on the DLTC.

4. Processing Time for a Driver’s Licence in South Africa
A driver’s licence is typically ready within four to six weeks. However, a temporary driving licence can be issued immediately.

5. Validity of a Driver’s Licence in South Africa
A driver’s licence is valid for 5 years. It is important to renew the licence before it expires, so it is recommended to start the renewal process ahead of time.

6. Validity of a Temporary Driver’s Licence in South Africa
A temporary driving licence is valid for six months. It can be obtained if you have applied for the renewal of an expired driver’s licence or if it has been lost.

7. Collection Period for a Driver’s Licence
If a driver’s licence is not collected within 120 days, it will be destroyed.

8. Documents Required for Collecting a Driver’s Licence Card
When collecting your driver’s licence card, you need to bring your identity document (green barcoded ID book or Smart ID Card).

9. Collection of Licence by Someone Else
If someone else is collecting your driving licence on your behalf, they will need to provide a certified copy of their ID, a certified copy of your ID, an affidavit giving permission to collect on your behalf, and the reason why you are unable to collect the licence yourself. The affidavit should also include the name and ID number of the person collecting the licence.

10. Renewal of a Driver’s Licence
A driver’s licence is valid for 5 years. Before it expires, you need to apply for a new card. The expiry date is indicated on the driver’s licence card.

What happens if your driver’s licence expires in South Africa?

To legally drive on South African roads, motorists must have a valid driver’s license. However, licenses have a limited lifetime of usually five years before they need to be renewed. Renewing your license is essential, as driving with an expired permit is equivalent to driving without a license and can result in fines and complications in the event of an accident. Insurance companies also do not cover motorists with expired licenses.

Many South African drivers are unsure of the renewal process. This step-by-step guide aims to provide peace of mind and assist those who are unfamiliar with the administrative process.

Firstly, it is important to note that the expiration date of your driver’s license is printed on the card itself. The South African government requires licenses to be renewed four weeks before the printed expiry date. While reminders are typically sent via mail, it is advisable to set a personal reminder on your phone as well, as the mail system may not always be reliable.

If your license is still valid but nearing expiration, you will need to bring the following documents to the Driving License Testing Centre:

– South African ID book, temporary ID certificate, or passport
– Copy of your identification document
– Current driver’s license card
– Two black-and-white or color ID-sized photographs
– Cash for the renewal fee (no card machines available)
– Proof of residence, such as a utility bill or affidavit from your landlord if you are renting

If your license has already expired, you will need to bring the same documents as mentioned above, with the exception of only requiring two photographs instead of the current card. Additionally, you will need extra cash to apply for a temporary driver’s license valid for six months. This temporary license will allow you to drive legally until your renewed permit is ready for collection.

In the case of a misplaced or stolen license, the same documents as mentioned above are required, excluding the current card. Instead, you will need to provide an affidavit from the police stating that your license card was lost or stolen. It is important to note that most testing centers do not have facilities for taking photographs, so ensure you have your photos taken beforehand. While you will not need to retake a driver’s test, you will need to undergo an eye test to assess your visual acuity.

To apply for your driver’s license at the Driving License Testing Centre, follow these steps:

1. Approach the Enquiries counter and request the DL1 application form. Fill out all the necessary sections at the center. It is advisable to bring your own pen, as they may not have any available.

2. Join the queue in the waiting room for eye tests. Alternatively, you can visit an optometrist beforehand to have your eyesight tested. Remember to bring the certificate issued by the optometrist.

3. If you pass the eye test, a staff member will scan your fingerprints and input them into the system.

4. Make the necessary payment at the designated cashier window. Cash is the only accepted form of payment.

Processing a new driver’s license typically takes about 6-8 weeks. Once you receive a notification via SMS or mail, you can collect your license from the DLTC. If you do not receive any communication after 8 weeks, it is advisable to call the center and follow up.

Upon collection, double-check that all the details on the new license are correct to avoid any issues. If you are unable to collect the license yourself, you can authorize someone else to do so on your behalf. You will need to provide a certified copy of your ID, a certified copy of the person collecting the license’s ID, and an affidavit explaining that you have given them permission to collect the license on your behalf.

Renewing a driver’s license requires time and effort, but it is crucial for staying on the right side of the law and being a responsible citizen.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided as a general guide and may be subject to change. It is advisable to consult official sources or contact the relevant authorities for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding driver’s license renewal in South Africa.



In conclusion, obtaining a driver’s license in South Africa is a straightforward process for both citizens and foreigners. Foreigners can apply for a South African driver’s license as long as they meet the necessary requirements and have the appropriate documentation. The cost of booking a driver’s license varies depending on the province, but it is generally affordable and can be paid through various methods.

If your driver’s license expires in South Africa, it is important to renew it promptly to avoid any legal consequences. Driving with an expired license can result in fines or even the suspension of your driving privileges. The renewal process is relatively simple and can be done online or at a licensing office.

A South African driver’s license is valid for a period of five years. It is important to keep track of the expiration date and renew it in a timely manner to ensure that you can continue driving legally.

Foreigners who wish to obtain an ID in South Africa can do so by following the necessary steps and providing the required documentation. This process may take some time, but it is essential for foreigners who plan to reside in the country for an extended period.

Passing the eye test is a crucial step in obtaining a driver’s license in South Africa. It is important to ensure that your vision meets the required standards to drive safely. If you have any vision impairments, it is recommended to consult an optometrist and obtain the necessary corrective measures before taking the test.

The time it takes to learn how to drive can vary depending on the individual. Some people may learn quickly and pass their driver’s test within a few months, while others may take longer. It is important to practice regularly and take driving lessons from a qualified instructor to build confidence and develop the necessary skills.

The number of driving lessons required in South Africa can vary depending on the individual’s experience and ability. It is recommended to take a sufficient number of lessons to ensure that you are fully prepared for the driver’s test. A qualified driving instructor can assess your progress and provide guidance on the number of lessons needed.

If you fail to renew your driver’s license in South Africa, you may face legal consequences and difficulties with insurance coverage. It is important to renew your license before it expires to avoid any complications. Driving with an expired license can result in fines and may invalidate your insurance coverage.

In the event that your car license expires in South Africa, insurance may not cover any damages or accidents that occur during the period of expiration. It is crucial to ensure that your license is valid and up to date to avoid any financial liabilities in case of an accident.

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