Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program 2023/2024 at KNUST: Empowering African Talents


Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program 2023/2024 at KNUST: Empowering African Talents

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program 2023/2024 at KNUST: Empowering African Talents


In its unwavering commitment to foster academic excellence and empower the next generation of African leaders, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) proudly presents the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program for the 2023/2024 intake. This esteemed program aims to provide unparalleled opportunities for economically disadvantaged yet exceptionally talented individuals across Ghana and Africa. Through fully funded scholarships, the program equips scholars with the means to pursue higher education and contribute meaningfully to their communities and the continent at large.

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program 2023/2024 at KNUST: Empowering African Talents

Scholarships for Excellence

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program stands as a beacon of hope and a testament to the transformative power of education. This initiative offers fully funded scholarships that encompass tuition fees, on-campus accommodation, essential study materials, a transportation allowance, and a generous stipend. These comprehensive provisions alleviate financial barriers, enabling scholars to focus wholeheartedly on their academic pursuits and personal growth.

Eligibility Criteria

The road to becoming a Mastercard Foundation Scholar at KNUST is one paved with dedication, potential, and purpose. To be eligible for this prestigious opportunity, candidates must meet a set of criteria that ensure the program’s impact on the most deserving individuals:

1. Academic Excellence

Prospective scholars are required to present valid and commendable academic results. This criterion not only reflects the applicants’ intellectual capabilities but also signifies their commitment to scholarly pursuits.

2. Adherence to KNUST’s Admission Requirements

Applicants must satisfy KNUST’s admission prerequisites, ensuring that they align with the university’s academic standards and values. This alignment ensures a symbiotic relationship between the scholars and the institution.

3. Demonstrated Economic Need

The program places a profound emphasis on empowering economically disadvantaged individuals. Applicants should demonstrate their financial need, underlining their aspiration to transcend financial limitations and actualize their potential.

4. Leadership and Community Engagement

Leadership and community engagement are key cornerstones of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program. Prospective scholars are expected to exhibit a track record of leadership roles and active involvement within their communities, showcasing their commitment to effecting positive change.

Application Process

Embarking on this transformative journey begins with a simple yet decisive step: the application process. Eligible candidates can download the application forms free of charge from the program’s official website. These forms serve as the gateway to a world of possibilities and should be completed with meticulous attention to detail.

To be considered, aspiring scholars must ensure that their application forms, along with all necessary documents, are submitted via mail by the deadline of July 31, 2023. This timeline underscores the importance of punctuality and commitment, qualities that resonate with the core values of the program.


The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program for the 2023/2024 intake at KNUST transcends the realm of traditional scholarship offerings. It represents a holistic approach to nurturing academic brilliance, fostering leadership, and driving community impact. As the program continues to empower African talents, it serves as a testament to the potential that lies within individuals who are given the right opportunities. By providing not only financial support but also a platform for personal and intellectual growth, this initiative ensures that the scholars it nurtures will become beacons of positive change in their societies, shaping a brighter future for Africa and the world.

Application Deadline: 31 July, 2023.

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