What is a civil servant job examples?


What is a civil servant job examples?

Civil servant jobs are positions within the government sector that involve serving the public and ensuring the smooth functioning of society. Examples of civil servant jobs include roles in law enforcement, such as police officers and detectives, who maintain public safety and enforce laws. Other examples include firefighters, who respond to emergencies and protect lives and property, and teachers, who educate and shape the future generation. Additionally, civil servants can be found in administrative positions, such as tax collectors, social workers, and public health officials, all working towards the betterment of society and the welfare of its citizens.

What is a civil servant job examples?

In Korea, civil servants are divided into five main groups: the Legislature, the Administration, the Constitutional Court of Korea, and the National Election Commission.

What is Civil Service called in USA?

What is a civil servant job examples?
Administrative State’ refers to the system of government agencies and departments that are responsible for implementing and enforcing laws and regulations. It encompasses various aspects such as tracking terms and definitions, laws and statutes, executive orders, agencies, and court cases.

The federal civil service, which is separate from the military, consists of individuals employed by the executive, legislative, or judicial branches of the federal government. It is divided into three categories: the competitive service, the excepted service, and the Senior Executive Service.

The Administrative State is supported by five key pillars: nondelegation, judicial deference, executive control, procedural rights, and agency dynamics. These pillars play a crucial role in shaping the functioning of the Administrative State.

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How do I become a civil servant in USA?

How do I become a civil servant in USA?
The civil service exam is a crucial step for those aspiring to secure their dream civil service positions. If you are currently preparing for this exam, this page will provide valuable insights into its structure and offer guidance on how to achieve success.

To work for the local, state, or federal government, it is necessary to undergo a civil service exam before applying for specific roles within an agency or department. These exams cover various fields, positions, roles, and responsibilities.

Government jobs of this nature often come with attractive compensation, benefits, and long-term career stability. The most desirable candidates possess practical skills and have a genuine desire to contribute to their communities through government service.

Passing the civil service exam is typically the first hurdle in securing a civil service job. While the exam’s focus may differ depending on the chosen career path, there are universal tips that can enhance your chances of success.

In this discussion, we will delve into the civil service exam and provide valuable advice to ensure you are well-prepared to pass it.

How much are civil servants paid in USA?

As of July 30, 2023, the average annual salary for a Federal Civil Service employee in the United States is $83,401. This translates to approximately $40.10 per hour, $1,603 per week, or $6,950 per month.

While ZipRecruiter has observed annual salaries ranging from $37,000 to $124,500 for Federal Civil Service positions, the majority of salaries fall between $69,000 (25th percentile) and $98,500 (75th percentile). The top earners, at the 90th percentile, make $114,000 annually across the country. The salary range for Federal Civil Service jobs can vary significantly, up to $29,500, indicating potential opportunities for advancement and increased pay based on skill level, location, and years of experience.

Based on recent job postings on ZipRecruiter, the job market for Federal Civil Service positions is not very active in both Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and throughout the entire state. Only a few companies are currently hiring for these positions. In your area, the average annual salary for a Federal Civil Service employee is $82,901, which is slightly lower than the national average of $83,401. This ranks your state as number 1 out of 50 states nationwide for Federal Civil Service salaries.

To provide the most accurate salary range for Federal Civil Service jobs, ZipRecruiter continuously scans its database of millions of active job listings across the United States.

What is civil society role?

What is civil society role?
Global Economy Development Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on the crucial role played by civil society organizations. They have been faced with increased demand for their services, while also dealing with challenges such as limited supplies and the need for social distancing. This crisis has highlighted the importance of civil society input in government decision-making processes.

However, beyond the current situation, civil society is a fundamental pillar of development and national unity. In peaceful and stable countries, civil society fills the gaps left by the government and the private sector. In fragile and conflict-ridden nations, it plays an even more vital role by providing services that are typically the responsibility of the state and businesses, and can contribute to reconciliation efforts.

Civil society encompasses a wide range of organizations that are independent of the government. These include educational institutions, advocacy groups, professional associations, religious organizations, cultural institutions, and sometimes even businesses. These organizations serve multiple purposes. They serve as valuable sources of information for both citizens and the government. They monitor government policies and actions, holding them accountable. They engage in advocacy work and propose alternative policies for the government, private sector, and other institutions. They also provide essential services, particularly to marginalized communities. Additionally, civil society organizations defend citizen rights and strive to change and uphold social norms and behaviors.

Which country has the highest number of civil servants?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the crucial role of public employees in providing essential services and ensuring the health, safety, and economic well-being of citizens. They are also key players in the ongoing recovery efforts, whether it be implementing vaccination strategies or devising plans for economic and societal recovery. However, the roles and functions of the public sector vary across OECD countries, which affects the size of public employment.

Governments make decisions on whether certain services should be directly delivered by public organizations or through partnerships with the private or nonprofit sectors. For instance, in some countries, the majority of healthcare providers, teachers, and emergency workers are directly employed by the government, while in others, they are mainly employed by private or nonprofit organizations.

The level of general government employment varies significantly among OECD countries. Nordic countries like Norway, Sweden, and Denmark have the highest levels, accounting for nearly 30% of total employment. On the other hand, Japan and Korea have the lowest levels, with general government employment making up only 6% and 8% of total employment, respectively. Despite the financial crisis in 2007-2008 and subsequent austerity measures, the share of general government employment has remained relatively stable, declining from 18.2% in 2007 to 17.9% in 2019. The United Kingdom and Israel experienced the largest decreases, with a 3-percentage point drop between 2007 and 2019. However, Spain, Estonia, Mexico, Slovenia, Luxembourg, and Norway saw increases in the share of general government employment during the same period.

Between 2007 and 2019, general government employment grew in 23 OECD countries. On average, total employment growth slightly outpaced that of general government employment, resulting in a 0.3-percentage point decrease in the share of general government employment. The United Kingdom and Israel had the widest gap, with a decline in general government employment of 0.6% per year on average, while total employment increased by an average of 0.9% per year in the United Kingdom and 2.6% per year in Israel. Only 10 OECD countries experienced faster growth in general government employment compared to total employment, with Spain, Mexico, and Luxembourg having the largest differences.

The data used in this analysis are derived from the OECD National Accounts Statistics database, which is based on the System of National Accounts (SNA). General government employment includes employment in all levels of government, including central, state, local, and social security funds, as well as core ministries, agencies, departments, and nonprofit institutions controlled by public authorities. Total employment encompasses all individuals engaged in productive activity within the production boundary of the national accounts, including those in paid employment or self-employment.

What is the lowest paid government job?

Rank Occupation Title Average Pay Lowest Paid Individual
1 Credit Union Examiner $968.70 $300
2 Administrative Law Judge $2,750.00 $1,000
3 Agricultural Commodity Aid $34,118.48 $28,758
4 Miscellaneous Food Preparer and Server $34,531.40 $31,013
5 Supply Student Trainee $34,893.00 $31,305
6 Library and Archives Student Trainee $35,699.33 $33,221
7 Sales Store Clerk $35,891.53 $19,888
8 Biological Science Student Trainee $36,895.84 $26,356
9 Data Transcriber $36,899.45 $29,402
10 Information Receptionist $37,624.18 $28,758
11 Messenger $37,640.60 $34,127
12 Miscellaneous Personal Services $37,686.00 $31,430
13 Laundry Worker $38,855.57 $25,649
14 General Student Trainee $39,346.07 $31,931
15 Custodial Worker $39,392.42 $400
16 $39,508.04 $23,440
17 Telephone Operator $39,632.33 $28,991
18 Business and Industry Student Trainee $39,671.12 $366
19 Plant Protection Technician $40,043.27 $28,758
20 Language Clerk $40,081.00 $36,856
21 Information and Arts Student Trainee $40,331.81 $28,758
22 Medical and Health Student Trainee $40,756.41 $25,734
23 Physical Science Student Trainee $40,872.74 $28,758
24 Guide $40,885.74 $31,931
25 Food Service Worker $41,017.04 $20,014
26 Laborer $41,413.96 $25,211
27 Investigation Student Trainee $41,590.30 $35,923
28 Mail and File Employee $42,127.06 $73
29 Second Cook $42,184.54 $41,745
30 Financial Management Student Trainee $42,594.13 $25,000
31 Sewing Machine Operator $43,162.81 $31,931
32 $43,496.80 $29,110
33 Nursing Assistant $43,547.61 $28,758
34 Information Technology Student Trainee $43,566.20 $26,532
35 Insects Production Worker $43,585.37 $34,602
36 Laboratory Worker $43,756.58 $38,109
37 Oiler $43,919.19 $43,487
38 Statistical Assistant $44,396.29 $33,221
39 Education Student Trainee $44,475.20 $36,118
40 Clerk-Typist $44,919.56 $37,386
41 Equipment Operator $45,091.51 $33,221
42 Medical Technician $45,417.94 $32,283
43 Baker $45,580.00 $45,580
44 Able Seaman $45,753.72 $45,121
45 Supply Clerk and Technician $45,874.92 $250
46 Miscellaneous Vessel Jobs $45,935.35 $37,523
47 Community Planning Technician $46,231.00 $46,231
48 Medical Support Assistant $46,258.88 $500
49 Laundry Machine Operator $46,438.01 $27,757
50 $46,598.27 $31,931
51 Engine Utilityman $46,644.00 $46,644
52 Store Worker $46,770.00 $46,770
53 Miscellaneous Clerk and Assistant $46,919.33 $52
54 $47,602.99 $28,006
55 Recreation Aid and Assistant $47,608.65 $400
56 Cash Processer $47,707.07 $33,221
57 Telecommunications Processer $47,872.09 $36,118
58 Irrigation System Operator $48,470.92 $32,283
59 Civilian $48,472.18 $33,221
60 Transportation Clerk and Assistant $48,791.97 $33,705
61 Security Guard $48,830.59 $400
62 $49,152.31 $34,331
63 Hazardous Waste Disposer $49,400.00 $42,930
64 Food Inspector $49,436.39 $36,118
65 $49,451.00 $41,555
66 Animal Caretaker $49,502.86 $34,769
67 Dental Assistant $49,628.00 $31,931
68 Social Services Aid and Assistant $49,687.06 $32,283
69 Soil Conservation Technician $49,724.36 $32,283
70 Miscellaneous Engine Overhaul $49,775.00 $49,775
71 Pharmacy Technician $50,194.29 $28,758
72 Biological Science Technician $50,202.28 $23,440
73 Health Aid and Technician $50,273.33 $27,409
74 Veterinary Student Trainee $50,433.96 $32,283
75 Economics Assistant $50,462.56 $31,931
76 Tax Examiner $50,465.83 $32,283
77 Forestry Technician $50,579.68 $550
78 Dispatcher $50,658.01 $32,283
79 Transportation Student Trainee $50,742.86 $39,065
80 $50,808.61 $31,216
81 Legal Occupations Student Trainee $51,050.48 $32,570
82 Tractor Operator $51,187.20 $35,166
83 Human Resources Assistance $51,212.95 $300
84 Social Science Student Trainee $51,554.43 $32,570
85 Unlicensed Junior Engineer $51,596.80 $51,078
86 Security Clerk and Assistant $51,626.87 $32,570
87 Cemetery Caretaker $51,750.73 $31,931
88 Tools and Parts Attendant $51,768.52 $31,931
89 Financial Clerk and Assistant $51,872.53 $250
90 Instrument Mechanic $52,018.40 $35,103
91 Mobile Equipment Servicing $52,072.21 $44,203
92 Purchasing $52,235.43 $3,000
93 Chief Cook $52,253.00 $51,507
94 Seaman/Fisherman $52,453.66 $45,121
95 Voucher Examiner $52,564.35 $36,118
96 Motor Vehicle Operator $52,564.69 $30,241
97 Budget Clerk $52,595.56 $36,118
98 Aircraft Attendent $52,669.00 $45,058
99 $52,977.00 $52,977
100 Materials Examiner and Identifier $53,025.25 $47,667


In conclusion, becoming a civil servant in the United States requires a thorough understanding of the application process, which typically involves meeting specific educational and experience requirements, passing exams, and undergoing background checks. While the pay for civil servants varies depending on the level of government and position, it generally offers competitive salaries and benefits packages. The civil service system in the United States plays a crucial role in ensuring the efficient functioning of the government and the delivery of public services to its citizens.

Civil society, on the other hand, refers to the collective action and engagement of individuals and organizations outside of the government to promote the common good and address societal issues. It acts as a vital check and balance to the government, advocating for the rights and interests of citizens. Civil society organizations play a crucial role in shaping public policy, fostering social cohesion, and promoting democratic values.

When it comes to the number of civil servants, China has the highest count, with millions of individuals employed in various government agencies and departments. The sheer size of China’s population and the centralized nature of its government contribute to this high number. However, it is important to note that the number of civil servants alone does not necessarily indicate the effectiveness or efficiency of a government.

In the United States, the civil service system is commonly referred to as the federal civil service or simply the civil service. It encompasses the employees of the federal government who are hired based on merit and work in various agencies and departments. The civil service system in the United States is designed to ensure a professional and non-partisan workforce that serves the interests of the American people.

Overall, civil service plays a crucial role in the functioning of governments around the world, including the United States. It provides stability, expertise, and continuity in the delivery of public services. While the specifics may vary from country to country, the underlying principles of merit-based hiring, professionalism, and public service remain at the core of civil service systems worldwide.

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