Apply Now: 5000+ Remote Construction Manager Jobs: Opportunities and Requirements


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Exploring Remote Construction Manager Jobs: Opportunities and Requirements

Apply now Remote Construction Manager Jobs: Opportunities and Requirements

In today’s dynamic job market, the concept of remote work has transcended traditional boundaries, extending its reach to industries one might not expect. Construction management, a field historically associated with on-site presence, has also embraced remote work opportunities. In this article, we will delve into the realm of remote construction manager jobs, exploring the job landscape, responsibilities, qualifications, and the potential for a fulfilling career in this unique field.

Remote construction manager job listing

1.Structural Manager, UK or Ireland based

This job posting is for a Structural Manager position in the Utilities | Telecoms sector, with a competitive salary. The role involves leading a team in structural analysis and design of network infrastructure, prioritizing safety, and ensuring quality. The candidate should have relevant experience, a degree in Structural/Civil Engineering, and excellent communication skills. It offers career progression opportunities, CPD accreditation, and a good work-life balance, with remote work options in the UK or Ireland. Salary is negotiable based on experience.

Apply Structural Manager, UK or Ireland based

2. Structural Project Manager

Remote in Catoosa, OK
Salary: $75,000 – $80,000 a year
The job is for a remote Project Manager role with a salary range of $75,000 – $80,000 per year, requiring a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, project management skills, and preferably a PMP certification. The candidate should have experience in electric power generation, refining, structural design, and construction management, with some travel involved. Responsibilities include budget preparation, coordination of project requirements, and mentoring. The company offers benefits like 401(k) matching and health insurance. The job is in the computer and mathematical occupations category, and the reference number is 1028148.

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3. REMOTE Sr Engineer Project Manager – Food Processing & Packaging

Remote in Denver, CO
Salary: $115,000 – $130,000 a year
This profile relates to a fully remote job in project management for food processing equipment installation. The responsibilities include overseeing client projects, maintaining client relationships, ensuring project quality, and managing project engineers. Qualifications require a degree in food engineering or relevant experience, 10+ years of experience with 5 in project management, technical proficiency, and PMP certification. The job involves 30-50% travel and offers a salary of $115-$130K with various benefits including 401(k) matching, insurance, and educational assistance.

Apply REMOTE Sr Engineer Project Manager – Food Processing & Packaging

4. Data Center Design Execution Senior Project Manager

Salary: $125,000 a year – Full-time

This profile indicates the alignment of skills and preferences with a job description for a Design Project Manager role. Key points include expertise in project management, construction, and data center experience. The job offers a salary of $125,000 per year, full-time employment, and benefits such as 401(k), dental, health, life, and vision insurance. The role involves managing the design process, coordinating with internal and external stakeholders, and requires a Bachelor’s degree and 7+ years of experience in design or construction project management. CBRE is recognized as a top real estate company and a leader in diversity.

3. Project Manager (Construction/Move Management)

Remote in Boise, ID 83702.

This job is a full-time Project Manager position with benefits including 401(k), dental and health insurance, paid time off, and vision insurance. It involves managing real estate projects, including budgeting, planning, and client interactions. The role requires a bachelor’s degree, PMP and LEED AP certifications are preferred, and skills in communication, financial terms, and construction practices. CBRE offers competitive pay, internal advancement opportunities, and values diversity. It is a Fortune Most Admired Company and Forbes Best Employer. CBRE Global Workplace Solutions focuses on integrated real estate solutions for clients, emphasizing client-centric approaches.

Apply Project Manager (Construction/Move Management)

4. Mechanical Construction Manager

St. Louis, MO 63147Remote

Bilfinger Industrial Services Inc. is seeking a Mechanical Construction Manager in St. Louis, MO, responsible for planning and scheduling mechanical construction work. Requirements include a degree in Engineering or Construction Management, 2-3 years of Industrial Construction experience, strong communication and organizational skills, knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, and optional OSHA training. The company emphasizes safety and collaboration, offering competitive pay and benefits. They caution against fraudulent job offers and advise applying only through their official job portal. Bilfinger is an Equal Opportunity Employer and participates in E-Verify for employment eligibility verification.

Apply Mechanical Construction Manager

5.DAS Project Manager

Communication Technology Services (CTS) is a leading integrator and managed service provider for enterprise cellular networks in the U.S., specializing in DAS, Small Cell, and 4G/5G Private Wireless Networks. They are currently hiring a DAS Project Manager in Central Florida. The ideal candidate should have strong technical skills in RF theory, DAS installation, and site surveys, with experience using tools like iBwave, Spectrum Analyzer, and Signal Generator. The role involves managing multiple projects from start to finish, including estimating, budgeting, procurement, scheduling, and quality control. The Project Manager will also handle financial aspects, safety compliance, and customer relations while ensuring adherence to CTS standards. Proficiency in iBwave design files and various technical diagrams is essential. Weekly progress reporting and closeout package preparation are part of the responsibilities. Overall, this role demands a comprehensive understanding of CTS products and services, with a focus on project management and technical expertise. More information is available on the CTS website at

Apply DAS Project Manager

6. Mgr- Construction – SMO

Subway – remote remote USA

The job description is for a Construction Manager position at Subway Headquarters. The role involves managing equipment and store design projects, with a focus on new, relocation, and remodel projects for franchisees. Responsibilities include assisting franchisees with floor plans, equipment orders, scheduling, site visits, and conducting meetings. The Construction Manager also organizes educational seminars, resolves construction-related inquiries, and ensures a smooth construction process. They must manage project budgets and communicate with stakeholders to understand project goals. Document management, training, and compliance with authorization requirements are also part of the role. The company is looking for applicants authorized to work in the country.

Apply Mgr- Construction – SMO

7. Transmission & Distribution Construction Manager

Salary: $66,300 – $119,850 a year – Full-time

Leidos is seeking a Transmission & Distribution Construction Manager for the electric power delivery industry in the northeast/New England region. This role involves managing construction activities, coordinating with multiple contractors, and ensuring compliance with utility client standards. Travel may be required, and the manager must be prepared for emergency response planning during storm outages. Qualifications vary by level, with a bachelor’s degree in construction management or engineering preferred. The salary range is $66,300.00 – $119,850.00. This position offers the opportunity to make an impact in a collaborative environment.

Apply Transmission & Distribution Construction Manager

8. Manager of Transportation Construction Services (Wisconsin)

Salary: $90,000 – $140,000 a year

Compensation Range: $90,000 – $140,000

Equal Employment Opportunity: Oneida ESC Group is an equal-opportunity employer, committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and provides reasonable accommodations for applicants with disabilities.

For more information and to apply, visit

Apply Manager of Transportation Construction Services (Wisconsin)

9. Traveling Wind Hub Manager

The salary range for this position is $101,400 to $169,000 USD annually, with potential for a performance bonus. This is a remote position, and GE is an equal opportunity employer, considering candidates based on qualifications without regard to factors like race, religion, or gender. Legal authorization to work in the United States is a requirement for employment.

Apply Traveling Wind Hub Manager


Understanding Remote Construction Manager Jobs

Remote construction manager jobs have gained prominence as technology continues to evolve, allowing professionals to oversee construction projects from the comfort of their own homes or other remote locations. These roles leverage online communication tools and project management software to bridge the gap between the job site and the management team.

Exploring Remote Construction Manager Jobs: Opportunities and Requirements

Job Landscape and Opportunities

The job market for remote construction managers is burgeoning, with numerous opportunities available across various sectors. According to, there are currently over 1,000 remote construction manager job listings, with an additional 57 hybrid remote positions. These roles offer competitive salaries, ranging from over $85,000 to over $130,000 annually.

Top Locations and Employers

Several major cities in the United States, such as Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago, boast a substantial number of remote construction manager job openings. Various companies are actively hiring for these roles, including House Buyers of America, Tepa Companies, Stantec, Victaulic, and more.

Roles and Responsibilities

Remote construction managers play a pivotal role in ensuring the successful completion of construction projects. Their responsibilities encompass a wide array of tasks, including:

  1. Budget Management: Creating and managing project budgets to ensure financial objectives are met.
  2. Scheduling: Developing and maintaining project schedules to ensure timely completion.
  3. Coordination: Coordinating with subcontractors, vendors, and on-site staff to ensure smooth project execution.
  4. Quality Assurance: Ensuring that construction projects meet quality and safety standards.
  5. Remote Communication: Regularly communicating with on-site staff through video meetings and calls to monitor progress and address issues.

Qualifications and Skills

To excel in remote construction manager roles, individuals typically require a background in construction management or engineering. Additionally, the following qualifications and skills are often essential:

  • Education: Many job listings stipulate a bachelor’s or master’s degree in construction management, engineering, or a related field.
  • Experience: Mid to senior-level experience in construction management is commonly required.
  • Project Management Skills: The ability to effectively manage projects remotely, monitor progress, and resolve issues is a key skill for success in this field.


Remote construction manager jobs offer a compelling opportunity to blend the worlds of construction and remote work. With a growing job market, competitive salaries, and a range of responsibilities, these roles present a promising career path for those with the right qualifications and skills. Embracing the digital age, remote construction management is a testament to the adaptability and innovation of the modern workforce.

FAQs About Remote Construction Manager Jobs

1. Can remote construction managers work from anywhere?

  • Remote construction managers can work from various locations, but they often need to be available during regular business hours and may have specific location requirements set by their employers.

2. Are remote construction manager jobs suitable for entry-level candidates?

  • Remote construction manager roles typically require mid to senior-level experience in construction management. Entry-level candidates may need to gain on-site experience before transitioning to remote positions.

3. What are the salary expectations for remote construction managers?

  • Salaries for remote construction managers can vary widely based on factors such as experience, location, and the specific employer. However, they often range from over $85,000 to over $130,000 annually.

4. Do remote construction managers visit job sites in person?

  • While remote construction managers primarily work from remote locations, occasional site visits may be required for inspections or critical project milestones.

5. Is a degree in construction management mandatory for these roles?

  • Many job listings prefer candidates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in construction management, engineering, or a related field. However, some individuals with extensive experience in the field may secure these positions without formal education.

This article has provided insights into the world of remote construction manager jobs, shedding light on the opportunities, responsibilities, and qualifications required for success in this evolving field.

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