University International Postgraduate Award


University International Postgraduate Award

Unlocking Opportunities: University International Postgraduate Award at UNSW

When it comes to pursuing higher education, especially at the postgraduate level, finding the right financial support can be a game-changer. Imagine embarking on your MSc or PhD journey with the assurance of fully funded scholarships that cover not only your tuition but also provide a generous stipend and health coverage. If this sounds like a dream come true, then the University International Postgraduate Award (UIPA) at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) is your golden ticket to academic excellence.

What is the University International Postgraduate Award (UIPA)?

The University International Postgraduate Award (UIPA) is a prestigious scholarship program offered by UNSW, specifically designed to support international students pursuing postgraduate research degrees. This scholarship is a testament to UNSW’s commitment to fostering global talent and facilitating groundbreaking research endeavors.

University International Postgraduate Award

The Benefits of UIPA 2023-24

The UIPA 2023-24 is not just another scholarship; it’s a life-changing opportunity for aspiring researchers. Here’s a glimpse of the incredible benefits it offers:

1. Full Tuition Coverage

UIPA scholars enjoy the privilege of having their tuition fees fully covered. This means you can focus entirely on your research without the burden of educational expenses.

2. Generous Annual Stipend

In addition to tuition coverage, UIPA provides recipients with a substantial annual stipend of $35,000. This stipend serves as crucial financial support to meet your daily living expenses and research needs.

3. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Healthcare is a top priority, especially when studying abroad. UIPA scholars are provided with Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), ensuring you have access to medical services and support during your stay in Australia.

4. Holistic Support

UNSW understands that succeeding in research involves more than just financial aid. That’s why they offer comprehensive support to UIPA scholars, including academic mentorship, research facilities, and a vibrant academic community.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process

While UIPA offers incredible benefits, it’s essential to meet the eligibility criteria and understand the application process. Here’s a brief overview:

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the UIPA scholarship, you must:

  • Be an international student.
  • Be applying for a postgraduate research degree program at UNSW.
  • Meet the academic requirements for your chosen program.

Application Process

The application process for UIPA is seamlessly integrated with the admission process for your research degree program at UNSW. Here are the key steps:

  1. Begin by applying for your desired postgraduate research degree program at UNSW.
  2. During the program application, you will have the opportunity to indicate your interest in the UIPA scholarship.
  3. Ensure you provide all required documents and information as part of your program application.
  4. The UNSW Graduate Research School will review your application for both the research degree program and the UIPA scholarship.

Contact UNSW Graduate Research School

Should you have any inquiries or require further information about the UIPA scholarship, don’t hesitate to reach out to the UNSW Graduate Research School. They are dedicated to assisting prospective scholars and can provide guidance on the application process.

For inquiries, please contact:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I apply for the UIPA scholarship before being admitted to a research degree program at UNSW?

A1: No, you must apply for a postgraduate research degree program at UNSW first. You can indicate your interest in the UIPA scholarship during the program application process.

Q2: Is the UIPA scholarship open to all international students?

A2: Yes, the UIPA scholarship is available to international students who meet the eligibility criteria and are applying for a postgraduate research degree program at UNSW.

Q3: How competitive is the UIPA scholarship?

A3: The competition for the UIPA scholarship can be quite intense due to its attractive benefits. It’s crucial to meet all eligibility requirements and submit a strong application to increase your chances of being selected.

Q4: Are there specific research areas or disciplines that UIPA scholarships are limited to?

A4: UIPA scholarships are typically available for a wide range of research areas and disciplines. However, it’s essential to check the specific eligibility criteria for your chosen program to ensure compatibility.

Q5: Can I combine the UIPA scholarship with other scholarships or financial aid?

A5: The policy regarding combining scholarships may vary, so it’s advisable to check with UNSW Graduate Research School for guidance on combining the UIPA scholarship with other forms of financial support.


The University International Postgraduate Award (UIPA) at UNSW represents an exceptional opportunity for international students aspiring to pursue postgraduate research degrees in Australia. With its comprehensive financial support, including full tuition coverage, a generous stipend, and health coverage, the UIPA scholarship sets the stage for academic success.

If you’re a dedicated researcher with a passion for making a significant impact in your field, don’t miss the chance to apply for the UIPA scholarship at UNSW. Take the first step towards a rewarding academic journey and unlock the doors to a world of research opportunities.


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